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Delivery Date
June 2016
Citizen M
Lirastar Limited
Bouygues UK
Ellismiller Architects
Axis Architecture
Certified Breeam-Excellent (2011)
Sustainable-construction equipment
Modular Construction
United Kingdom

A luxury hotel in the heart of London with BREEAM certification

With 216 rooms and sur face area of almost 7,000m², the CitizenM hotel in London, Shoreditch, has been entirely built using volumetric construction: the various blocks making up the buildings are pre-fabricated in a factory – including most of the internal and external finishings – prior to being assembled on-site. The building is composed of a two storey steel ‘plinth’ structure with ‘fully functional’ prefabricated hotel room modules stacked above the plinth. The modulated textured glass façade brings the building to life day and night.

Among the sustainability key figures, let’s mention 50% reduction in regulated CO2 emissions, 30% reduction in regulated CO2 emissions via Low Zero Carbon Technology, 25% reduction in water consumption use over baseline building type.

216 Bedrooms
7,000 Square feet meters
136 Modules

Focus on Modular construction

A pioneer of modular construction, Bouygues Bâtiment International is the only company to offer its clients a global approach, from technical feasibility studies to delivery. This unique positioning is coupled with the ability to handle all aspects of production: module manufacture, transport, logistics, installation and onsite coordination of the necessary specialist skills.

This precision expertise gains time and efficiency for the company’s clients, as proved on another iconic project, the Clement Canopy buildings in Singapore.


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