About us

About us


Back to our roots

The Hassan II mosque – one of Morocco’s most iconic monuments and one of the largest religious buildings in the world – marked the start of the BYMARO adventure. It all began back in 1991 for Bouygues Group’s Moroccan subsidiary. This trailblazing project soon gave rise to several others, including the new town of Sala Al Jadida, the Tanger Med ports, the Zurich Assurances insurance company’s head office in Casablanca and the Royal Mansour Hotel in Marrakech. BYMARO has continued to grow and deliver numerous projects throughout the country.

A committed leader

Nearly 30 years later, BYMARO has forged a strong identity: that of a company firmly rooted in its territory and contributing to the development of Morocco. Simultaneously respectful of local culture and future-focused, BYMARO designs living spaces that fit harmoniously into their environment. Supported by the skills of its men and women and the expertise of a renowned international group, the company combines traditional know-how with high-tech processes to build the Morocco of tomorrow.

Placing our Health/Safety & Security culture at the heart of everything we do to achieve zero accidents for our employees and partners.

Requiring a code of conduct in all our professional dealings and managerial behaviour. Ensuring the compliance of our commercial and partnership practices.

Favouring internal cooperation and partnerships by pooling resources, building on expertise and harmonising processes. Working in a spirit of solidarity and responsibility at all levels.

Designing and proposing new, innovative and value-creating solutions across our professions.

Fostering professional open-mindedness, along with the capacity to embrace change, understand our environment and adapt to the way it evolves.

Contributing to the company’s global performance by focusing on customer satisfaction, the aim being to attain or exceed the objectives set, individually or collectively.

Our history

  • 1978 Bouygues’ 1st worksite in Morocco, the Tan Tan port.
  • 1991 Creation of the Moroccan subsidiary BYMARO
  • 1992 1st worksite for BYMARO, which constructed the Moroccan Pavilion for Seville’s Expo ‘92.
  • 1993 BYMARO’s 1st project in Morocco, with the Casablanca bay pollution clean-up operation.
  • 1993 Delivery of the Hassan II Mosque, a masterpiece of Moroccan art, with a capacity of up to 100,000 worshippers.
  • 1998 BYMARO becomes the first Moroccan construction company to be awarded ISO 9002 certification, reflecting its commitment to delivering high quality standards
  • 2003 Contract signed for the 1st Tanger Med port, Africa’s largest port 14 km from Algeciras, in the presence of Martin Bouygues.
  • 2005 Creation of the "Compagnons de l'Atlas" skilled workers guild, founded on the values of the nobility of work and the transmission of know-how.
  • 2009 Delivery of the Tanger Med roll-on/roll-off port and contract signed for the second port.
  • 2010 Delivery of the Royal Mansour, one of the finest luxury hotel references in the world.
  • 2012-2013 OHSAS 18001 Occupational Health and Safety Management and ISO 14001 Environmental Management quality certifications.
  • 2014 Delivery of the 5-star Dar Diyafa luxury hotel in Rabat.
  • 2015 Launch of the construction of the Yves Saint-Laurent Museum in Marrakech.
  • 2016 Delivery of the Marina Shopping Center on the seafront, between the port of Casablanca and the Hassan II Mosque
  • 2017 End of the construction of Mohamed VI University in Casablanca, comprising a research centre, a university campus and a simulation centre.
  • 2019 Delivery of the Casa Finance City Tower, a 122-m high skyscraper in the heart of Casablanca.

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