Port of Tangier Med

Port of Tangier Med

Tangier, Morocco

The Mediterranean sea as horizon

In Tangier, barely 14 km from the European continent, commercial trade is in full swing. It should be pointed out that the second-largest economic centre in Morocco after Casablanca has not been affected by the crisis. Industrial activity there is dynamic and diversified: textiles, chemicals, mechanical engineering, metallurgical and naval industries… Morocco's boom is based in Tangier! The city marks the meeting point between two cultures and two economies, and BYMARO has helped it develop a port to match its commercial ambitions.

And the result reflects this ambition: gigantic! In 2015, the Tangier Med facility will be the largest container port in the Mediterranean and the Afro-Atlantic basin: it will see 8 million containers pass through every year, thus ranking it 12th in the world based on the 2007 ports classification.

Tangier Med 1 port has two seawalls. For BYMARO, the project also included dredging and embankments. Tangier Med 2 port, which is even larger, consists of two seawalls (one 3,800 m long, the other 1,200 m), 2,800 m of quayside, and a logistics platform covering 150 ha. 

A challenge

The sea walls for the Tangier Med 2 project comprise 40 caissons each 35 m high, capable of withstanding a once-in-one-hundred-years swell. Each caisson is fitted with a polarised iron band. Mounted a few centimetres inside the caisson, it repels the ions that cause oxidation and corrosion.

Key data
  • Product line: Transport Infrastructures
  • Main Contractor: BYMARO
  • Handover: 2014
  • Architect: Bouygues Bâtiment International
  • Client: TMSA
  • Key figures:
    • 2,800 m of wharfs
    • 150 ha hub
    • Capacity of 8 million containers per year