Our social responsibility

BYMARO is involved in the economic and social life of the regions where the company is active.

« Becoming a socially responsible player in our territories »

Over the past few years, BYMARO has adopted an innovative approach to social projects:

We work for the benefit of local people wherever the company is involved in projects. In particular we implement innovative solutions to improve their quality of life. At the start of each project carried out by BYMARO, a specific budget is allocated to a programme to assist the local community, according to its specific requirements (hospital, school, etc.). Financial support is not the only form of commitment offered by BYMARO's teams. We also use our technical know-how to provide direct support for local people.

Some examples:

  • We support INJAZ AL MAGHRIB, a Moroccan association for educational purpose.
  • Bymaro intervened in the construction of a classroom (structure, masonry, waterproofing, coatings, air conditioning, etc.) and a playground dedicated to the education of children with Down syndrome.
  • Employees from Bymaro mobilized for the realization of plumbing and renovation of sanitary and kitchen of the Psychiatric Hospital of Berrechid.
  • Bymaro integrates young people (legal working age) from orphanages to promote their professional integration.
  • Bymaro intervened in the upgrading of several public schools in Moroccan slums.

Les Enfants de l'Ovale

In Morocco, BYMARO supports associations that provide assistance for disadvantaged children by providing financial support. One such association is Les Enfants de l’Ovale, an organization designed to provide care for children who are socially marginalised and without access to education, where BYMARO has been involved in the construction of facilities and provides regular financial support.

Les Enfants de l’Ovale involves 250 children (and their families), who are supported through sport, educational assistance and medical care.