Inventing tomorrow's world

To initiate innovative projects that meet the challenges of
21st century

Innovation and competitiveness

Over recent years the global crisis has challenged our convictions and has forced us to imagine a new world for tomorrow. A safer, easier, greener world. We think it is our commitment to shape a better life for all the users of our buildings. Our aggressive Research and Development policy allows us to design and implement cutting-edge technological systems, to offer our clients differentiating solutions.

Today we are at the forefront of the use of Building Information Modelling (BIM). This ultra-high performance 3D modelling software provides a preview of an entire building even before it is built, thus enabling potential problems to be anticipated.

This high added-value expertise guarantees optimum efficiency and productivity.

In partnership with the best research laboratories, we are also working on concepts that will soon be part of your daily life: green energy solutions, digital modelling, augmented reality, exoskeletons. Our greatest challenge? Successfully creating Callisto, a completely virtual room in which our clients can visualise - in three dimensions and down to the smallest details - the rooms of their future buildings.