Ikea Store

Ikea Store

Moscow, Russia

Ikea made in Russia

Everywhere you go, the Ikea brand is all the rage! Known the world over, its ultramarine blue building, on which its name blazes in striking yellow, is attractive and appealing, with its winding aisles where THE best ideas in clever, modern and economical furnishing are to be found.

Established in the United States and Europe since the 1980s, the concept took Russia by storm in the 2000s. The Moscow Belaya Datcha store completed by Bouyguesstroï as main contractor was built in 2004-05. Totalling 63,000 m², it is part of a huge shopping centre, the Mega Mkad. 95,000 m² completed for Ikea a year later by the subsidiary on the same site, including an Auchan hypermarket and a shopping mall. A great way for the Swedish chain to attract more customers, and obviously a success, since it now has 12 stores in Russia. 


A Russian adventure. At the fall of the Berlin wall, Bouygues created the first Franco-Soviet mixed-capital construction and civil engineering company in order to build a clinic specialising in micro-surgery of the eye in Moscow. Since then, the company has completed numerous sites: an oil terminal at Novorossiysk and a 750 km pipeline between the Caspian Sea and the Black Sea, renovation of the Lomonossov State University in Moscow, and a 5-star Hyatt hotel in Ekaterinburg…

Key data
  • Product line: Retail & Industry
  • Main Contractor: Bouyguesstroï
  • Handover: 2005
  • Architects: ZAO Blank Architect
  • Client: IKEA Mos Property
  • Key figures:
    • 30,560 m² of car parking
    • 26,860 m² forming the Ikea footprint
    • 1,152 m² of offices, 260 m² of technical rooms
    • 18,800 m² of access roads and outside parking