Hospital and school complex

Hospital and school complex

Ifrane, Morocco

The Pearl of the Middle Atlas

Ifrane was once also called 'Ourti', which means 'garden' in Berber, in other words a fertile land rich in water and pasture. Ifrane resembles a small Swiss town, where streets and gardens are carefully maintained. With its royal palace and chalets with pointed roofs, Ifrane looks like a small, very chic ski resort. Founded in 1929, it rises in the middle of a vast clearing located in the heart of a wooded area made up of cedar trees that are several hundred years old.

BYMARO contributed to the development of this magnificent town, by constructing a hospital and a school complex in the heart of one of Ifrane's residential districts. These infrastructures, serving the residents, blend in perfectly with the town's architectural style.

The hospital is built over 2 floors and has a capacity of 100 beds. The school complex can accommodate up to 400 pupils.


The Bouygues Group has significant expertise in the university field, particularly so as it delivered the University of Riyadh in 1984, the largest construction site ever completed.

Key data
  • Product line: Healthcare establishments
  • Main Contractor: BYMARO
  • Handover: 1995
  • Architects: Jaouad Benchemsi, Faouzi Bouayad, Ahmed Chami, Abdel Illal Slimani
  • Clients: Private Secretariat of His Majesty the King of Morocco / Al Akhawayn Foundation
  • Key figures for the hospital:
    • Size of 12,000 m²
    • Capacity of 100 beds
    • 12 000 m² of external works