Cerný Most Shopping Mall

Cerný Most Shopping Mall

Prague, Czech Republic

Tourism, culture and... shopping!

Among the most beautiful cities in Europe and a historic musical venue, Prague also has everything a modern city can offer, with top of the range public services and shopping facilities. The fifth richest urban region in Europe in terms of GDP per inhabitant, it has large shopping centres, such as the Černý Most Shopping Mall, where major extension works began in 2011.

The programme is ambitious: its surface area is being increased by 40,000 m² (+ 50%), and the existing structure is being renovated…and all without disrupting the comings-and-goings of shoppers, for whom the shop doors will stay open 7 days a week. The teams have therefore devised a special work schedule. Renovation work is carried out at night, while the new areas are constructed during the daytime. When finished, the Černý Most Shopping Mall will contain three times as many shops. That should keep the ladies happy!

Environmental performance

A green centre. The project is aiming to obtain British BREEAM® 1 (Building Research Establishment Environmental Assessment Method) environmental certification. Among the measures taken: storage and reuse of rain water, cooling units with very high energy efficiency, triple glazing for the glass in walkways...

Key data
  • Product line: Retail & Industry
  • Main Contractor: VCES
  • Handover: 2013
  • Architect: Benoy Architects
  • Client: Unibail – Rodamco
  • Key figures:
    • Commercial area multiplied by 2
    • Number of businesses increased by 3
    • 14,661 m² of tiles and faience