Build sustainable world

Offering a concrete response to the challenges of sustainable development.

A step forward

Bouygues Batiment International and its subsidiaries offer an ambitious and concrete response to the challenges of sustainable development. We consider that we have a duty and responsibility to help build a better life, for everyone, throughout the world. We therefore design and construct efficient, environmentally-friendly building projects that meet the needs

of all stakeholders - customers, partners, employees, local authorities and civil society. Our actions have two major guidelines:

  • A step forward in the design and delivery of sustainable projects
  • A social and societal requirement

Reinforcing our leading position in the field of Sustainable Construction.

For us, sustainable development is not just a passing fad. Is is a deeply-rooted philosophy and an integral component of our strategic development. For more than 10 years now, we have been offering creative solutions to all our customers wishing to adopt a structured environmental approach. We are supported by an ambitious Research & Development policy, as well as the expertise of 50 employees who have obtained a specific international environmental standard accreditation (BREEAM, LEED, Green Mark, QSAS, Hong Kong BEAM).

Early on in the project, we set up an integrated team that brings together all the specialities required. This approach enables us to come up with an optimised, competitive and environmentally-friendly design. Since 2007, we have carried out 175 projects with a certification objective. In 2012, more than 55% of our orders were delivered with environmental certification.


Respecting the environment when conducting our activities

During the construction phase, we adopt drastic measures in order to reduce the impact of our sites on the environment. Our objectives are to limit electricity and water consumption, the amount of waste produced and inconvenience to local residents (noise, dust). We also set up recycling systems and encourage initiatives that aim to reuse materials and sort waste.

In the context of Public-Private Partnerships (PPP), we offer eco-friendly maintenance and operation of the buildings in question. In particular, we are contractually committed to meeting specific energy consumption objectives. One such example is the Jim Pattison Outpatient Care & Surgery Centre (Canada) project, in which we are guaranteeing the building's long-term energy performance.


Promoting lasting partnerships with project stakeholders

We make no compromise when it comes to our values, since we firmly believe that they help set us apart from the field. And one of these, customer satisfaction, forms one of the pillars of our corporate culture. Consultation and respect are the watchwords in our relations with our contractors, partners, subcontractors, suppliers and local residents.

Moreover, we believe that sustainable development should be a conviction shared by everybody: we implement a scrupulous supplier selection process, giving precedence to those who respect the highest international standards in terms of working conditions and the use of innovative, environmentally-friendly and locally-produced materials. For example, we favour the purchase of wood from forests that are sustainably managed, under the supervision of the WWF NGO.

Being an actively committed player in the local community, economically and socially

Our role as an entrepreneur does not stop at building. We have a corporate responsibility towards the communities around us and are adopting an increasingly systematic approach in this area. We play an active role in the economic and social life of the countries in which we operate, taking into consideration the specific characteristics of the locations and needs of the communities around us. We work on a daily basis to bring about concrete improvements in the living conditions of local populations: support for the underprivileged, construction and renovation of social and cultural buildings, help for young people wishing to enter the workplace.

We have also forged long-term and active partnerships with numerous NGOs. For example, working alongside the Architectes de l’urgence organisation, we contribute to rebuilding operations in countries hit by natural disasters and major crises. We are also working closely with Care in Cuba to rebuild homes devastated by hurricanes and in Morocco on social housing projects. Finally, since 2012, we have been sponsoring the Locus foundation, which supports sustainable architecture and urban development.

Hence, all around the world, we seek to promote a value that we consider to be essential: solidarity. And our employees are its principal vectors:  it is they who, on the strength of their convictions, volunteer on a daily basis.

Guaranteeing employee safety and developing the expertise of our teams

Our commitment to employee safety represents the cornerstone of everything we do, everywhere and at all time. It is a moral duty, an absolute necessity. Our conscience and reputation are at stake. Alongside these exemplary measures, we implement concrete initiatives designed to improve the living and working conditions of our local employees: quality standards for our compounds for expatriate production personnel, prevention and safety campaigns, etc.

We are also committed to developing the skills and expertise of our employees, offering them the very best career prospects. Equal opportunities are a priority. The training programs we deliver reflect our sustainable development strategy: since 2010, more than 500 employees have received training in environmentally-friendly construction.